Writing an essay is the drama for every student, from elementary and middle school to high school, where the requirements for students are increasing, and you need to be able to create beautiful essays.

In fact, it is not only about writing a grammatically correct text in a good form, but also about observing the rules of various types of objects and displaying good quality content in the appropriate language.

There are various types of essay: statement, description, retelling, article, historical essay, review, text analysis and so on. Therefore, if you need to learn how to write an essay on an article, the following tips will help you.

For each type of essay, you must write the appropriate topic and in accordance with the correct rules.

We should start with the basic rules, so let’s start talking about how to write a simple essay, which is the basis for the implementation of various types of topics that will be assigned to us.

Before you start writing an essay, you need to familiarize yourself with the topic and literature, as well as remember what is required of us. If necessary, read the necessary literature several times, because in just one reading you can skip something.

  1. Scheme of work: as soon as the literature is read, you need to prepare a diagram in which you insert everything that you will talk about in your topic.
  2. Introduction: it’s time to start writing! Summarize the topic you are going to discuss in a clear and understandable form.

The central part of the text: this is the actual topic, the part in which you develop everything that is required for the disclosure of the topic. Therefore, following all directives, you discuss the topic, give examples, insert references, investigate, insert some personal considerations (if necessary and if the typology allows it).

Conclusion: Finally, you complete your text by summarizing everything you talked about.

Such a universal scheme is suitable for any essay. When writing an essay, do not forget that you need to be well acquainted with your topic, since you will have to express a personal opinion. A personal opinion can only be expressed if you are familiar with the topic of the essay.

After writing the essay begins the process of checking and editing. You can write a draft essay to see the approximate form. The draft can be edited by adding or removing some parts of the essay. You can also write an essay by writing a question for each paragraph. So it will be much easier to organize the work. When answering each question, make sure that your essay follows the logic of the story. All questions should follow in a logical order, it is very important. Otherwise, your essay will be difficult to read and perceive, and this greatly affects the impression from reading. To check how easy your essay is to read, ask your friends or relatives to read it and express their opinion.

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